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Personality disorders and types of personality disorders

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Welcome to the website Dikri Nalendra07 how are you today? I hope you are always healthy, oh friends, today I will discuss about Personality Disorders And Types Of Personality Disorders, I'm sure you've heard of multiple personalities, schizoid, antisocial, and narcissistic personalities.

If friends hear and think this personality is one of the personality disorders is true, Personality disorder is a health that affects / hinders in daily life, this disorder can affect how a person thinks, feels and acts.

People with personality disorders are very difficult to control changes in themselves such as impulsive and full of feelings of suspicion, Of course, people with personality disorders can harm and disturb themselves and even others, personality disorders are caused by several factors, one of which is genetic and traumatic factors.

Types of personality disorders

Antisocial Personality Disorder

personality disorder

Oh, friends, many people equate  introvert personality with social disorders even though the two things are different, the difference is if the introverted personality can still get along while the anti-social doesn't want to hang out or don't want to socialize with other people.

anti-social must have factors that give rise to this personality such as genetic factors, interaction patterns with the environment and wrong parenting, this disorder has characteristics such as not wanting to get along, always hating other people, not easy to trust others, reckless, very mental. unstable and rude but surely every personality has a good side because God created every human being to have a conscience and kindness, it is impossible for God to create something in vain and always detrimental.

The good side of this disorder is that if they have friends or partners who they think are good and suitable they will protect them completely, they always understand themselves and are wiser because most of them are silent to think about things in detail.

If there are friends, children, siblings or close relatives who have this personality, I hope you don't criticize and insult them because you are afraid that this personality disorder will get worse and will hold a grudge against you. if friends want to have a relationship with this personality, I suggest never mentioning his personality and always make it casual and not pushy.

Paranoid Personality Disorder

Paranoid personality disorder

This personality disorder is a type of disorder in which sufferers have a high sense of suspicion of others so that these sufferers are very difficult to trust others.

This patient feels that if people always try to take advantage of them, even when there is no logical explanation for the suspicion, this disorder is very clearly self-defeating because trust in each other is important, this disorder is caused by a trust factor that denial causes trauma Pistanthrophobia or fear of trusting others and worse than this is a paranoid personality.

Borderline Personality Disorder

borderline personality disorder

People with borderline personality disorder have strong feelings of anger, sadness, and anxiety that suddenly change. Their feelings can change to extremes, one day they become a good “friend” and the next day they become a terrible person. A person with borderline personality disorder acts impulsively, such as using drugs, driving recklessly, and engaging in risky sex, if they don't have strong feelings about themselves. The exact cause of borderline personality disorder is not known. However, experts believe that genetic, psychological, and social factors, such as a history of abuse or abuse experienced as a child, are related to the occurrence of this personality disorder.

Schizoid personality disorder

schizoid personality disorder

Schizoid personality disorder is a disorder that causes sufferers to find it difficult and even unable to express themselves, they only show a little when other people shout at them and people praise them, this personality is almost the same as anti-social personality, it's just that they can still be friends and don't hate socializing , people with schizoid are often shunned because their personality is not fun and causes resentment for some people, the causative factor of this disorder is having parents who are cold, negligent, or unresponsive to the emotional needs of their children. A gloomy childhood where neither warmth nor emotion was to be found. Actually they are very good people, only we who never know their lives always comment and even stay away from them, this treatment has an impact on them such as causing feelings of offense, their mentality is getting lower and will even cause a sense of revenge against you.

Schizotypal personality disorder

Schizotypal personality disorder

This disorder is a personality disorder that causes the sufferer to have strange beliefs, such as being able to read other people's minds

People with this disorder do not react to things that make most people feel emotional and sometimes doubt or suspect the intentions of others. People may not know how to respond to the babbling and incoherent conversation of people with this disorder. A person with schizotypal personality disorder can feel very anxious when around people other than his own family and prefers to be alone, but friends with this personality are also very sensitive so friends must be extra careful when talking and joking with them.

Histrionic Personality Disorder

Histrionic Personality Disorder

Histrionic personality disorder is a personality disorder that causes the sufferer to always want attention, this patient is actually very good at socializing and socializing but uses his sociability to be the center of attention. People with this disorder are often worried about their appearance, and deliberately dress to attract the attention of others, this personality has excessive emotions and often changes the style of speech.

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