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Better Youtuber or Blogger

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 Better to be a Youtuber or a Blogger

Hello friends welcome to the website Dikri Nalendra07 how are you today?
I hope you are always healthy, today I will discuss which ones are It's Better To Be A Youtuber Or A Blogger, Oh, friends, I suggest reading this article in its entirety so you don't misunderstand, friends, before we discuss the core of this material, it would be nice if we understand what YouTubers and bloggers are.

Understanding Youtuber

Youtubers are people who work to create YouTube content in the form of videographics. Youtubers can also be defined as people who make videos on video sharing websites (youtube) to provide information about education as well as news and entertainment to the general public.
Many of us already know that youtube can make money, income from youtube can be through google adsense, content promotion, affiliates and others.

Definition of Blogger

Bloggers are people who manage blogs such as creating articles, maintaining blog security, managing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on websites, blogs containing articles in the form of writing, images and videos that can educate and other purposes, even though being a blogger is a bit complicated but able to provide benefits. for the general public and people who become bloggers themselves, we can make money through google adsense or other ad networks, promotion of products or services, affiliates and others.

The advantages of being a YouTuber

  • The google adsense approval process is easier than adsense for websites, all you need to get approval is your youtube content follows the policies and rules of the relevant team and 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers.
  • Youtube SEO is much easier than blog seo so you only need to upload useful video content and appropriate keywords/tags.
  • View is much easier than blogs because it is the YouTube team that manages it.

Disadvantages of Being a Youtuber

  • The income from YouTube is less than being a blogger because the income is cut by YouTube, you know, because the uploaded videos are very draining on hosting storage.
  • Creating youtube content is much more difficult than article content because we have to shoot, edit, upload and determine the appropriate thumbnail for the content we create.
  • Sometimes not all of our videos can be monetized by adsense for some reason, it will have an impact on income.
  • We will waste our quota because uploading videos requires very large data or packages, but friends can handle it by using wifi.
  • Waste of time because the process is quite long, don't be surprised if the average person uploads YouTube 1 week and uploads 2 times.

Advantages of Being a Blogger

  • Earnings are slightly higher than earnings from youtube.
  • The process of creating content is much easier than creating youtube content because it only needs references, unification of language that is easy to understand and writing techniques.
  • Even though we pay for a domain and hosting to create a blog, it is calculated that it will be cheaper and more efficient than YouTube because the domain and hosting are renewed only once a year, while YouTube is free, but we need a quota that is not small, imagine if uploading videos requires 1 GB even more for uploading videos, 1 GB can cost 20 thousand times 12 times, uploading videos is already 240 thousand, not to mention the cost of a special vlog camera, green screen fees and other supporting costs.
  • Advertising networks are much more varied compared to youtube, alternative examples of google adsense, Mgid, adnow and many more

Disadvantages of Being a Blogger

  • Friends, you have to master SEO techniques and it's more difficult than YouTube seo
  • The google adsense approval process for blogs is much more difficult than google adsense youtube.
  • We have to know a little about the programming language because it is important, because to maximize the appearance and features of the blog that we create.
  • SEO competition is much wider and tougher than youtube.

Above are the advantages and disadvantages between being a blogger and a youtuber, of course, one of the platforms we use has its own advantages and disadvantages, if you are still confused about which one to choose, I suggest following your passion, whether you like writing or editing.

If you like writing activities, it would be nice to be a blogger and if your hobby is video editing, it's better to choose to be a YouTuber.
Even though both are equally not easy, just enjoy it,,, this is what passion is for so that what we do is not easily bored and does it with pleasure.
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