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Is it normal for boys to play with dolls?

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Is it normal for boys to play with dolls?

Hhello parents and friends welcome to the website Dikri Nalendra07 how are you today, hope you are always healthy, today I will discuss about preferences, gender and toys, one of which is playing with dolls, yep, this game is said to be identical to one of the genders, namely women.
Before we discuss the main material of this article, it would be nice to discuss the meaning of toys and I will discuss them below:

Definition of Toys

Toys are objects that are made to entertain, educational facilities and other positive activities, examples of toys are toy robots, doll and others.
Friends or parents must think that robot toys are for men and dolls are for women, if you think like that, friends and parents think that they are not completely right or not completely wrong because everyone has the right to have an opinion but if you only look at one side if you look at it the other side has a positive impact and I will discuss it below

Is it okay for boys to play with dolls?

This is a question that has different answers, some may and some may not, on the grounds that dolls are for women. In my personal opinion, it's okay because it has a positive impact, the emergence of toy segregation based on gender is believed to have started in the 1970s in the United States. Toys are free to be played by anyone as long as it does not harm the user and harm the surroundings, after all, toys are created for entertainment and educational facilities, so we, both parents, friends, and I are not encouraged to say why do men play with dolls and some say why do women play? mobile cars because we violate one of human rights and can hinder children's creativity.

The benefits of dolls for children

Playing with dolls for children has a positive impact on both boys and girls, such as;
  • Train children to imagine, of course, in a positive direction. 
  • Increase creativity because the beginning of creativity is imagination.
  • Train children's social skills.
  • Improve children's language skills.
  • Practice sympathy and empathy
  • help children express their ideas

The negative impact of playing with dolls

  • It can destroy real friendships if the child loves the doll too much because the child will choose the doll over friends in the real world.
  • Get a bad label from a certain person if the one playing is a boy.

If it is concluded from the article above, in my opinion, yes, it's only natural, oh my parents and friends, there is interesting information, in the pagan era dolls were made for certain ceremonies and for certain reasons now dolls are used for entertainment and educational facilities.

That's all, friends, hopefully it will be useful for all of us and can appreciate each other so much from me, I thank you.
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