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Every Child's Intelligence is Different

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Every Child's Intelligence is Different

Every Child's Intelligence is Different

Hello friends welcome to the website Dikri Nalendra07 how are you today? I hope you are always healthy, today I will discuss about Children's intelligence is different.

Even the father of Indonesian education 
(Ki Hadjar Dewantara) once said: 
A farmer will not be able to change rice into corn, if he grows rice his harvest must be rice, he cannot change nature
Why is it the same as rice? like this, rice friends are likened to individual intelligence and farmers are mentors or can you say teachers why are teachers like farmers? because if the farmer gives attention and fertilizer to the seeds, the seeds will grow well as well as the teacher, if the teacher pays attention to the talents, weaknesses and strengths of his students and fertilizer is like the knowledge that the teacher gives to us if it is all given Guaranteed students he will grow to be a good person,,, In a very deep sense, the meaning conveyed by the father of our education

Surely many of my friends agree that every individual is different, the difference is not only from culture, race or language but the intelligence of each individual must be different.
Hopefully, with this article, friends will appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of individuals and can live with mutual respect, tolerance or not taking into account differences.

Definition of Intelligence

Intelligence is a mental solution related to the capacity to think, solve problems, plan, think and understand language ideas.
The intelligence of each individual must be different because intelligence is influenced by genetics, environment, stimulation, and the suitability of individual styles, therefore intelligence between siblings is different, for example, a brother is good at painting while his brother is good at sports, another example is Udin is good at math while Wahyu is good at painting. handycrafts, We can certainly learn other people's skills and even master them if we try but it will be less than optimal due to genetic and environmental factors.
Intelligence has its own category, namely visual, kinesthetic and auditory intelligence.

Kinds of intelligence 

Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence is an intelligence that is able to organize and convey ideas or thoughts through the arrangement of words either through writing, orally or reading, Usually suitable jobs such as author, journalist, article writer and lawyer.
Logic-Mathematical Intelligence is an intelligence that is able to solve problems related to numbers, problem solving and logic, this intelligence is usually suitable for physicists, accountants, teachers, programmers and other jobs that require logic.

Visual Spatial Intelligence is an intelligence that is able to understand, process thinking in visual form through color, shape and other visual cues, it can be said that people with this intelligence are sensitive to what they see, jobs that are suitable for this intelligence are as follows: painter, designer, UX and UI designer and multimedia work such as editing and creating graphic designs.

Kinestic Intelligence is a multiple intelligence, this intelligence is able to process the whole body to express ideas, feelings and this intelligence is skilled at using hands to change and form something suitable for this type of intelligence. athletes, sculptors, programmers, painters, weavers and many more. Usually this intelligence It is inherent in all individuals and is accompanied by several other intelligences to support this intelligence.

Musical Intelligence Surely you will think that this intelligence is related to sounds like music, Yep, that's right Musical Intelligence is an intelligence that is able to capture or harmonize sounds, whether from musical instruments, surrounding items, snaps of fingers or singing, this intelligence is very suitable to work as a Musicians either as singers or use musical instruments such as guitars, pianos, saxophones and other musical instruments.

Interpersonal Intelligence is the intelligence that is able to judge, understand and feel other people and can act according to the way they manage interactions with others, suitable work with suitable work related to team work such as negotiators, teachers and others.

Intrapersonal Intelligence is intelligence that is related to the ability to control emotions, awareness and knowledge about oneself and even those around them This intelligence is as a psychologist, theologian, counseling and work that prioritizes feelings.

Naturalist Intelligence is the intelligence possessed by individuals who are able to recognize, classify, distinguish what they see in the natural surroundings, usually this intelligence is compatible with the activities carried out. related to the natural surroundings such as environmental observations, explorers of nature gardening, farming and animal husbandry

Extensive Intelligence is the intelligence possessed by individuals to recognize the meaning of life and death, work that matches this intelligence is as a philosophy
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good friends, the explanation above is 9 of the intelligences that each individual has, each individual must have one of the above intelligences and it can even be more than one, the average human has 3 intelligences that stand out from 9 human intelligences, hopefully with this article we can respect each other's intelligence, because humans are not perfect in a science or intelligence,,The intelligence we have is only a little gift from God to his servants so don't criticize each other if A is not good at academics who knows A is good at art and you don't master it, imagine if your friends are in position A? How do you feel? Hopefully with this article we can all respect each other more.

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