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How to Upload Applications to Playstore or Google Play Console

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Hello friends welcome to the website Dikri Nalendra07 how are you today, hopefully healthy and healthy always, today I will discuss about how to upload applications to playstore and how to create a play console account. Play console is a special account for developers to publish android-based applications to the playstore. Oh, friends, if you want to create a play console account, now you pay for $25 or around 350000 rupiah, it's quite expensive, yes, but friends, you can upload as many applications as you want as long as the application does not violate the provisions of Google. . ok without lingering, let's look at how to create a play console account and how to upload the first application

How to Create a PlayConsole Account

  • Please friends visit the website Play Console if you press open console play I will show in this picture.
  • If you have selected the email that is used if there is more than 1 email on the device, it must be remembered that the email used for the play console
  • If you have chosen the email you want to use, please fill in the complete data more or less like this

  • If everything has been filled in, press pay, and a pop up payment and the correct contents will appear

  • If you have been directed to the email menu like this

  • Press the name of the developer you created
  • And you will be directed to the play console homepage
  • Later there will be written verification of documents at the time of registration, which I did can use a student card but now I have to use an ID card and official identification document from the government so that friends can start publishing, valid data, otherwise valid data will be rejected by the play console
  • There will be a notification when the data is successfully validated.
  • If you want to upload a paid application, you can visit Google Pay and verify data for google pay, this part is optional yes
  • If successfully validated there will be a notification like this 

How to Upload Applications To Play Store

  • Please friends visit Play Console select the developer account that you created earlier.
  • On the menu sidebar select menu all apps
  • After that, fill in all application data from name to statement of compliance following play console policies and press make application
  • then you will be redirected to this page
  • Friends scroll down and press Start testing now

  • Then select the examiner and will be directed to the following page

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