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What is Alter Ego? How is it different from Multiple Personality or dissociative identity disorder (DID)?

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What is Alter Ego? How is it different from Multiple Personality or dissociative identity disorder (DID)?

Alter ego | Hello friends, welcome to the website Dikri Nalendra07 how are you today?, I hope you are always healthy, okay, today I will discuss about one more personality, which is named alter ego do friends already know this personality? if you don't know about this personality, it would be nice to read this article, who knows, friends, one of the people with alter ego personality but friends don't realize it or friends want to know this personality for some reason and there is also a personality called multiple personality or dissociative identity disorder (DID) Oh yes, friends of the two personalities are different, although there are slight similarities.

Difference between alter ego and split personality

Alter ego is a personality or character formation that is made consciously by someone so that someone with this personality will appear to have more than one personality, but it is natural because it is done consciously, whereas if it is not consciously and can forget certain events, this is called dissociation. Identity Disorder or multiple personality, multiple personality is a mental disorder because it can interfere with the activities carried out by the sufferer. Both of these personalities are equally triggered by psychological trauma caused by bad events such as bullying, sexual harassment and events that make the sufferer feel sad, threatened, afraid of other bad events.

Characteristics of Alter Ego

  • Often changes his behavior but the sufferer is aware of it but is not able to control it
  • Often feel panic
  • Emotions in people with Alter Ego personality are less stable
  • The sufferer will forget when his elter ego dominates
  • Changes his speech frequently

Multiple Personality Traits

  • Frequently Experienced Memory Aberrations
  • People with multiple personalities always feel that they are strangers to other people, even those closest to them, because when they are not real personalities, they will always erase memories or consciousness.
  • Having a psychological disorder
  • Experiencing depersonalization symptoms
  • Frequent changes in style of speech and behavior

Similarities of Multiple Personality with Alter Ego

Although these two personalities are 2 different things, these personalities have similarities such as:
    • Frequent changes in style of speech and behavior
    • Most start from psychological trauma
    • Natural ways to protect people with this personality from the trauma

What to do if a friend or family member has an alter ego

  • Don't force him to live a normal life because it can cause his psyche to be more disturbed
  • Don't make fun of it it's not good
  • Don't buy it a mental disorder
  • Always support and motivate him to go through the trauma he still remembers
  • Talk to or other useful activities so that the alter ego personality does not dominate from the original personality, if the alter ego dominates it will greatly interfere with the daily activities of the person with the alter ego personality and even those around them

Ok friends, thank you for visiting my blog, hopefully with the articles I made can be useful for all of us

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