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Existing Fields in the Department of Information Technology (IT)

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Fields in the Department of Information Technology 

Hello friends welcome to the website Dikri Nalendra 07 how are you today? I hope you are always healthy, okay today I will discuss about the fields in the Department of Information Technology surely among friends already know what IT or IT majors are, if friends don't know or know this one major, then I will discuss it in this material, I discuss this material because those who think wrong about this department like the IT department know about the ins and outs of computers and equating all fields even though each field is different there is its own knowledge that cannot be generalized, it's like this web developer doesn't necessarily master Android developers because from that field they use a different programming language (android uses Java and Kotlin languages while The web uses the programming language PHP, CSS, JavaScript and sometimes the Java language, and even then rarely uses it, of course, every programming language has its own documentation and tags so it takes a long time to fully master certain programming languages, it is impossible for anyone to master all languages. programming because Of course, every time a programming language emerges, it has an impact on learning it, because the more programming languages the more diverse the documentation, that's one of the misunderstandings of the Department of Information Technology, and I will discuss the continuation below along with the fields and understanding of this department.

Understanding Information Technology

Information Technology is a department that studies how to design, implement, configure, and maintain infrastructure or parts related to computers and information technology or Information technology is a technology that has functions in processing data, processing data, obtaining, compiling, storing, changing data by all kinds of ways to get useful or quality information. In addition, the function of information technology is to solve a problem, open creativity, increase effectiveness and efficiency in human activities.

Fields in the Department of Information Technology

Web developer

A web developer is a programmer who is specialized to explore or specialize involved in developing the world, wide and web using client and server modes.
Web developers are tasked and responsible for creating, managing and designing a web (if the ux and ui designers are working on other tasks), web developers must also be familiar with the use of operating systems and server techniques.

UX And UI Engineer

UX and UI are the same in terms of managing the display but the difference is that the focus of UI design is on the beauty of the appearance, while the focus of UX design is on the satisfaction of using the product. Simply put, the UI design will affect the user's first impression of seeing your project. Although UI Engineers are usually placed in the Design team, not all UI Engineers can create designs. Even so, a UI Engineer must at least be able to operate graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator, etc. This is usually necessary for small things like resizing images, changing icon colors and other small things that don't require a UI/UX Designer to do it.


The first time you hear the name of multimedia, what definitely comes to your mind is the majors that are often found in vocational schools. It is undeniable that this department is widely used in vocational schools and has become a favorite major. However, it turns out that there are also multimedia majors at several universities and high schools in Indonesia. Although in fact this department is still relatively few and has not been widely used in various universities. One of the universities that has run this multimedia study program is Telkom University with a D4 (Diploma 4) strata under the auspices of the Faculty of Applied Sciences. What is a Multimedia major? Multimedia is a study program that focuses on mastering skills in the field of multimedia technology and multimedia content. So here students are required to have expertise in the use of multimedia technology, multimedia devices, to interactive multimedia technology that is standalone or distributed system. So what are the multimedia technologies and multimedia devices that students must master.
Multimedia technology is a technology that combines computer technology, video and audio systems to get a better combination and increase interaction between users and computers. For those of you who want to learn multimedia, you must also know multimedia devices, in general we know 2 types of technology devices, namely software (software) and hardware (hardware). For software about multimedia such as graphics software, video editing, photos, and much more. In addition to the hardware, you should also know such as cameras, computers, laptops, and other additional devices.

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