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Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

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Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)
Hello friends welcome to the website Dikri Nalendra07 how are you today?, hope you are always healthy, today I will discuss one more personality, this is related to empathy, according to most people this trait is very baperan, and a good sense of the environment, do friends already have an idea of the nature this?, if friends answer Highly Sensitive Person or People Who Are Too Sensitive, yep, that's the right answer, many misguided and judged this personality badly as being considered baperan, whiny and irritable, yes indeed that opinion has a point if it is taken from the negative side and surely if it is not taken on the positive side then many will consider a very bad personality, it's natural that everyone has their own point of view but it's not good to label a personality with bad words and sentences, I will discuss this personality so that friends don't look too bad at this trait or personality, hopefully with this article you can change your point of view about this personality .

Definition of Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

Highly Sensitive Person is a psychological state in which a person has a sensitivity and sensitivity that is higher or higher than most people in general, this sensitivity can be in the form of a response, a good perspective and feeling aimed at oneself and those around him, one of which is striking. of this personality is irritable and easily carried away, the positive side of this personality is to have a personality that has a higher sense of empathy than people in general.

Advantages of Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

Oh, my friends, I have mentioned in a previous article that all personalities have positive and negative sides, even in religion has given a very good message for the human mind that it is impossible for God to create something in vain, Likewise with a personality, there is no way that HSP personality is always bad and I will write down some of the advantages of this personality
  • This personality has a high sense of empathy so this personality tends to like to help people in difficult circumstances
  • Usually rarely involved in conflict 
  • Tend to be happy to see other people happy
  • Can be a good friend because this personality is a good listener and feeler
  • Can feel other people's feelings when someone else is sad
  • If you talk, always think about other people's feelings so you don't get offended

The Negative Side of the HSP Personality

  • Looks more whiny to some people of course this will be seen as bad for some people who don't know his mood.
  • This personality has a fairly high emotionality compared to people in general, such as being easily offended and this trait is more easily depressed, so friends are always careful when joking with people who have this personality so as not to hurt their feelings.
  • Sometimes people with this personality tend to be shy and easily clumsy

Ok friends, thank you for visiting my website, I made an article with the aim that we all can appreciate differences in religion, personality, intelligence and other differences so that we can live in harmony and tolerate each other.

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