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Understanding Linux and How to dualboot windows and Linux

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Understanding Linux and How to Dualboot Windows and Linux 

Hello friends welcome to the website Dikri Nalendra07 how are you today? hope you are always healthy.
Today I will talk about Understanding Linux and How to Dualboot Windows and Linux, before I discuss this material, it would be nice for friends to pray first so that there will be no problems in the future, friends know if this is related to a system, a small mistake can have a fairly detrimental impact both cost and time and I warn you to always be careful if something happens it's pure mistakes friends but calm I will help as much as possible to correct it. Before we dualboot it would be nice if we understand what dualboot is, usb installer, materials that must be prepared and understanding of linux, I will discuss it below.

Understanding Linux

Linux is an operating system that is included in the UNIX base so it can be said that this operating system is freeware and open source or can be used and modified freely. Linux was created by Linux Torvalds. Linux has many versions such as debian, redhat os, and ubuntu but not only that there are other derivatives such as linux mint which is based on Ubuntu and debian, centos is based on the redhat system and uses the rpm command, including fedora which belongs to the rpm command category, actually there are many more distros from linux, there are kali linux, parrot os, slackware, open suse and I won't mention all of them because there are hundreds of linux distros if I mention it will take a lot of time heheh.

Understanding Dualboot

Dualboot is the act of installing two operating systems into the device we are using, dualboot can be equated with multiboot or installing more than one operating system on one device we are using, this article can be used to dualboot both one windows and one linux and even other operating systems if mac os is a bit different because you have to use opencore and clover it's quite complicated for beginners including myself.

Understanding USB Installer

Usb installer is software for making flash drives so that users can flash to the devices we use, you can also boot into the operating system without doing the installation process, this feature depends on what ISO you are using because not all Linux supports live booting, for example. which supports live booting 'ubuntu, deepin, parrot os and kali linux.

Materials That Must Be Prepared

Before friends start installing Linux, it would be nice to prepare the materials that will be used when dualbooting, the materials that must be prepared:
  • USB Flash Drive at least 16 GB
  • Ventoy or other installer software I recommend using ventoy so that it is in line with this article.
  • The linux iso this time I'm using deepin os you can also use linux mint
  • Of course, PCs and laptops that have Windows installed.
  • Hardware that supports system requirements to be installed on your device

If the materials have been prepared, friends, please proceed to the step of making the usb installer and I will discuss it in this article

USB Installer Creation

It's not good if in this material we don't learn how to make a usb installer, when you create a usb installer there are several steps that must be followed:
  • After you download Ventoy, please extract it and look for a file called ventoy2disk.exe
  • After this, please plug your flash drive into the usb slot
  • Press install on the ventoy software, I warn you this step will delete all data on the flash drive, it would be better if you back it up first
  • After that, please copy the iso file to the usb that has the Ventoy file installed and paste it on your flash drive, remember not to extract

Ok friends, after we make the usb installer, friends, you can follow to the next step, which is the operating system installation process

Installation Process

I suggest understanding this step so that there are no problems, such as system errors and being stuck in the bootloader and losing data on your windows.
  • Please, friends, create a drive partition on your PC or laptop, how you type in the search box windows create and format hard disk partitions
  • You can choose local c or d, I suggest choosing the one with the largest storage so it doesn't interfere in the future
  • Please right click on the partition of your choice then press shrink volume...
  • If you have, please specify yourself, if you have, please press shrink
  • If so, please go to the bios menu, the method depends on your PC, usually press F2 for Asus notebooks and F12 for other vendors, this depends on the vendor you are using.
  • If you have turned off secure boot and if your pc is configured to Intel RST, please switch to AHCI.
  • If it's already silahkah you choose to boot via your flash drive.
  • You will enter the Ventoy initial screen, please select the ISO you pasted earlier
  • After that you go into your linux installer and follow all the steps of the installer and I suggest you don't get the wrong partition when in the linux installation section on the partition otherwise your data will be lost

Ok friends, thank you for reading this article, I hope you are successful and there are no problems in dualbooting, next article I will make a dualboot guide between linux and windows.

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