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Definition of racism and the effects of racism

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 Definition of racism and the effects of racism

Hello friends welcome to the website Dikri Nalendra07 how are you today? I hope you are always healthy, today I will discusses the Definition of Racism and the Impact of Racism, surely friends have heard the word racist but not all understand what racism is, racism can be in the form of insults, satire or comparing certain races.

Definition of Racism 

Racism is a system of views that humans of certain ethnicities are higher or lower in dignity, racism can be associated with discrimination of religion, ethnicity, race and groups of people who have physically different from others.
Racism often occurs in racial or minority groups although sometimes it also occurs in the majority.

Understanding Racism According to Experts

Hello Liliweri

According to Alo Liliweri, racism is an ideology based on discrimination or comparisons against a person or group of people which because of their race has even become a political doctrine.

Pramoedya Ananta Toer

Racism or racism is an understanding that rejects a group of people based on or different races. In other words, have a difference than usual.

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission

Racism is an ideology that contributes mythical statements about other racial and ethnic groups that demean the group or community.

Oliver C. Cox

Racism is an event, situation that judges various actions, and values in a group based on its cultural perspective which views all social values of other people outside of themselves as wrong and unacceptable.

Causes of Racism

Ok, there is a proverb for a problem, namely there is smoke, of course there is also fire, as well as racism, racist behavior must be caused by certain events, both internal and external factors.

Personal View

The thing that gives rise to racist behavior is that they think themselves, their ethnicity, and the religion they follow are better and explain others, this can be even worse if applied in the family environment because it can affect the next generation

Sociology in the Family

The family is the place where we learn for the first time, including racism, whatever is taught and the behavior of parents will be attached to the child, even racist behavior, this is the main factor in the emergence of racist behavior, even because this factor will be passed down from generation to generation racist behavior towards certain groups because of the doctrine by the previous generation, this habit can be exemplified by the view of the Dutch East Indies towards the indigenous people, It is reflected by their generation that they are not allowed to play and establish relationships with the native generation and 3 groups are created (European Group, Earth Putera Group and other groups).

Culture and Customs

Racism behavior starting from sociology in the family will develop into racism between cultures and customs because this is because this point develops from intergenerational doctrine exemplified by discriminatory behavior against Papuan tribes, I hope friends never joke by mentioning certain tribes in negative sentences.

Government Policy Decisions

What is even worse is if racism develops in a country because of government policies because this is difficult to eliminate.

Impact of Racism 

  • Can reduce the discriminated mentality and even mental disorders
  • Get a sin because of one of the behaviors that are not commendable
  • Cause discord
  • And the destruction of the state order 
  • Even worse, the world is filled with strife and will cause unsafe effects for us and other creatures.

Wow, the impact of racism is very bad, I hope you don't behave racism towards other people including race, culture, ethnicity and religion.

Hopefully with this article we can respect each other without criticizing each other, yes, I am very grateful for reading my article, ok friends, that's all from me and don't forget to read other articles y. a
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