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Extrovert definition and characteristics of extrovert

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 Extrovert definition and characteristics of extrovert

Hello friends welcome to the website Dikri Nalendra07, how are you today? I hope you are always healthy, today I will discuss one of the personalities that humans have, namely extrovert, if my friends have read all my articles, my friends must have read about introvert, it's incomplete if I don't make an article about extrovert.

Oh, my friends, I made this article so that we can respect each other's abilities, intelligence and personality and no more intimidation, racism or activities that can damage the integrity of this country's unity. Extroverts and their characteristics.

Definition of Extrovert

Extrovert is an open personality or the opposite of an introvert, a child or individual who has this trait really likes to socialize and likes to talk, as well as being the center of attention, this personality is very happy to discuss the problems he experiences.

Traits of Extroverts

    1. Extrovert Personality tend to be very talkative.
    2. Extrovert really likes to make friends so the scope is very broad compared to introverts.        
    3. Extrovert tend to be open to those around them.
    4.  Extrovert very flexible .
    5. Extrovert very cheerful, lively and enthusiastic.
    6. Extrovert very easy to lighten the mood
    7. Extrovert I'd rather be a speaker than a listener.       
    8. Extrovert tend to always appear confident
    9. Extrovert love working with groups     

The Negative Side of Extroverts

Oh, friends, every personality has a positive and negative side 
  1. Extrovert sometimes I like to talk to the point where I can't control it, this makes certain people don't like it.
  2. Extrovert sometimes like praise so they are thirsty for praise and the center of attention.
  3. Extrovert sometimes not good at keeping secrets because Extrovert sometimes talk a lot so it will be difficult to control it.

The Positive Side of Extroverts

Below are the positive sides of an extrovert
  1. Extrovert It's very easy to build friendships because of this extrovert have a friendly and cheerful demeanor.
  2. Extrovert a good speaker so it will be very suitable to be a leader.
  3. A extrovert can do multitasking (Dual Tasks), they are very happy to do together
The articles that I have listed are only some of the positive and negative sides of extroverts, but what I discuss is the side that stands out the most so that it is easy to observe and feel both introverts and extroverts have both positive and negative sides.
Hopefully with this article we can respect each other's differences in personality, ethnicity, race and other differences.
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