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Definition of introvert

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 Definition of Introvert

Definition of Introvert

Hello friends, back to the website Dikri Nalendra07, how's the day? good luck always.

Today I will discuss the nature or character that is difficult to understand and is often misunderstood by certain people, Yep that introvert, do you know what an introvert is? or friends of one of the many people who have introverted nature.
Before friends have negative thoughts about this trait, it's better for friends to read the explanation below
Hopefully with this article there will be no more wrong perspectives regarding Introverted people.

Definition of Introvert

Introvert is the opposite trait of extrovert or personality that focuses on internally, introvert like solitude and they will be more focused if in such circumstances.
With this explanation, friends may have negative thoughts about this trait, but don't misunderstand because this behavior has certain reasons, such as they will get tired easily in crowded places, they like solitude because they will be more enthusiastic and focused on their activities.
Introvert still want to socialize with his friends but in a smaller scope compared to extrovert.

The positive side of introverts

  1. People who are introverted are good listeners.
  2. Introverts have good ideas, Those who have the nature Introvert tend to have good ideas but they rarely put it into words they tend to hide it because they are worried if their ideas are not accepted, but they have their own way of expressing themselves like they tend to be writers, painters, musicians, programmers or bloggers.
  3. They are better able to keep other people's secrets, keep in mind that introverts stay away from gossip or the like because it can waste their time in vain, so logically the secret you ask to keep will be safer.
  4. Introverts are more focused Introverts are focused when they are alone
  5. Introverts are more sensitive it is undeniable that introverts are quiet figures so they are observers, introverts can be more observant of other people's feelings towards us.
  6. They tend to be quiet, introverted quiet does not mean he is arrogant and reluctant to socialize, but they are observing their surroundings and introspecting themselves, no wonder many people think introverts are arrogant, but I need to explain that this is a wrong thought.
  7. They tend to avoid arguments.
  8. Introverts are loyal friends

The negative side of introverts is often misunderstood

  1. Has difficulty socializing and communicating An introvert is indeed a bit stiff in communicating, although not everyone, but in real life introverts tend to be more rigid in communicating because they think about every word he utters.
  2. They sometimes get stuck in a feeling of extreme boredom, They are often trapped in boredom because they prefer activities at home that make them feel bored,,,But it can be overcome through a moment of exercise, writing or learning to be a programmer.
  3. Introverts tend to get nervous more easily. This is an introvert who is considered the most negative because it can interfere with school and office activities, but it is natural because they tend to rarely come forward so they will be nervous if they appear or give presentations in front of the audience.
  4. Many people have bad thoughts about introverts, introverts are considered arrogant, anti-social, too individual and don't want to get along, even though it is a fatal assumption and can hurt the feelings of people who have introverted personalities, they are aloof, quiet, and avoid contact with other people because they will feel more tired or uncomfortable if in a crowd and they rarely talk if the topic they bring is not important,,,But they can listen to respect the other person because of this introvert can be said to be a person who has the nature of a good listener.

Hopefully with this article we can respect each other for the nature or character, advantages and disadvantages because without differences in life, it is not interesting or colorful, we must not underestimate the nature and character that is contrary to what our friends have.

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